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User Friendly | Editable | Affordable | Effective. Save hundreds of volunteer hours every year. A complete website with the online registration system may be purchased, or you can purchase just a website, or just a registration system. Your design can be integrated into a new website or you can choose from one of our templates that will be customized for you. We have been designing music festival registration systems for over 20 years.

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The registration system allows for setting up Disciplines, Categories, Grouping by Age or Grade, and other specific programming to fit the needs of the discipline.
You can print reports for scheduling, and schedule entries for date, time, venue and order. Individual entries can be edited and corrected. The Registration system automatically emails a copy of the registration to the person who registered, as
well as the teacher if we have them in the database ahead of time. The system is designed to handle multiple venues, disciplines and date sets to truly fit the needs of music festivals that have hundreds or thousands of participants.

The Registration & Management System

The Music Festival Web Registration System was developed by people who know the intimate workings of music festivals. It was designed specifically to relieve the amount of paperwork, and hours of volunteer time needed to manage a music festival.

The Music Festival Web Registration System isn't just for entering your registrations, you can manage your entire festival from recording payments, creating your schedules, adjudicator sheets, awards lists, certificates, confirmations, programmes, contact lists and many other reports.

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For solo entries, all disciplines can be done on one registration form. This helps to ensure that all discipline captains are aware of any possibilities in scheduling conflicts. Eight entries can be done for each discipline.

Group entries are done one at a time, the registration form varies, and is more simplified than the solo entries.

All teachers, prices, classes, disciplines, instruments and other variations are entered into the registration system ahead of time.

Custom Website For Your Festival

We can create a custom website for your music festival. Contact us for additional information on designs and prices. Prices start at a $1,500, and up, depending on your needs and the amount of pages you want.


For more information about setting up your own Music Festival Website contact: web@musicfestivalreg.com

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